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The definition of molding

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A kind of plastic molding, under pressure (generally heated at the same time), the molding process of plastic materials by means of a mold or die, where the "mold" is used to modify the "plastic".
Since the birth of the Chinese molding network, the meaning of molding has a new connotation, because the Chinese molding network is the professional website of the Chinese mold and plastic industry, so the meaning of molding is naturally moulded and plastic. Mold and plastic are two closely related industries. Plastic products are basically moulds, and the proportion of plastic moulds is the largest in mould industry. Now, with the rapid acceleration of enterprises, 70% of the mold enterprises have their own plastic parts processing, 50% of the plastic parts processing enterprises have their own mold production or maintenance department, mold and plastic have been mixed together, so the mold enterprise named the die factory is likely to be understood as no plastic processing business, and plastic enterprises to name themselves as a plastic factory is also very likely. It is understood that there is no mold processing business, so at last, only one word is "molded" to express, which is both specific and brief. Many enterprises have used this vocabulary, such as Jiangyin molding group, Yuyao emerging molding, molding technology and so on. With the increasing influence of China's molding network, it is believed that this word will be recognized by more and more people, and will be used by more and more enterprises.