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The mold industry is now in the rising period

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The mold industry is developing at a long-term stage. At this stage, mold enterprises should adopt what kind of development way to become a positive thinking problem for every big mold enterprise.
At present, there are quite a lot of enterprises engaged in mold production in China, but the scale is relatively small. They are basically small workshop mode, and there is no technology content at all. The products produced by small mold enterprises are basically imitation, resulting in more and more homogenized molds at the lower end. Mold enterprises are faced with problems of overcapacity and inventory backlog. In order to continuously improve sales, mold enterprises will reduce the price of products. A number of mold enterprises have been cutting prices, which eventually leads to the whole industry in trouble, and the profits of enterprises are less and less. When profits continue to shrink, enterprises have no surplus funds for product research and development.
Flat and low price war makes the domestic mold industry at a low end in the world mold industry. If the mold industry wants to develop, we must constantly increase R & D funds, increase the content of science and technology, and produce products with core competitiveness. If we increase product research and development, we can really change the current competitive mode.
China's mold enterprises should enhance their technological content and turn from the current price war to the competition of science and technology. From now on, we simply seize the market share and become a common profit. It is believed that after the Chinese enterprises change the competitive way, the production level of the enterprises can be greatly improved, and the vicious competition can be effectively rid of, and the mould industry will be more advanced.
Do a good job in industrial planning and promote industrial upgrading